Venice 74: Full Movie Review Of Lean On Pete By Andrew Haigh

The closeness of family and loved ones is what allows us to go on and endure all the injustices and difficulties of life. But being able to count on the support of others is a luxury that some can not afford, guys like Charlie, the little big protagonist of Lean On Pete , Andrew Haigh’s latest film effort .

Based on the novel by Willy Vlautin entitled The Ballad of Charley Thompson , the film tells the story of Charlie, a boy of just fifteen who, after being abandoned by his mother, now lives with his father, Ray, a Don Giovanni and slacker although very affectionate towards the child. With both parental figures almost totally absent, Charlie soon learns how to get by on his own and survive by working for the few tens of dollars. But all in his life thanks to the meeting with a coach of unscrupulous racehorses and his first and only friend, a lame foal named Lean On Pete. Award winning Lean on Pete movie download 1080p full hd bluray rip with English subtitles in uncut version from our website hdmotionmovies free of cost.

After bewitching the Rome Festival audience with its very delicate Weekend and more recently that of Sundance with 45 Years in 2011 , the British director brings a family drama back to the big screen. Through the extraordinary friendship between a horse and a boy, the film takes us by the hand on a journey of growth and education that few will be able to forget.

Moving to the suburbs of Portland with his father, Charlie ( Charlie Plummer ) begins to take the first steps in his new life. After leaving his old friends, his school and the football team, the fifteen year old is waiting to fill the emptiness he feels running through the streets of that still unknown city. With his father too busy seducing women and taking care of him, Charlie finds refuge in a new and unknown job; the casual meeting with Del Montgomery ( Steve Buscemi ) drags him into the dirty and corrupt world of horse racing. That’s how Charlie meets the young and not too promising Lean On Pete , a horse with a flaw on a leg that, in a short time, will become his best friend. More openload movies download in various genre released in 2018 or past years are available on our main website without any membership charges.

Once again, Andrew Haigh shows off his incredible sensibility using a road trip, almost a training film, with a very clean and essential style, but which hits the viewer like a river in flood. Thanks to the interpretation of Charlie Plummer , a boy with an almost embarrassing talent for acting, and to the story so intimate and engaging, there is no need for unnecessary embellishment. As well as in the novel also the film version of Charlie, tired of suffering the harassment of destiny, refuses to let go of his precious four-legged friend and sets off on his own, like a modern Huckleberry Finnat the time of what he hopes can be a better future.

During this journey through the wildest and most inhospitable America, the sweet Pete becomes the confidant of our protagonist who, despite being a stoic-looking boy and unable to let go of unnecessary sentimentality, manages to get rid of some of his demons thanks to the silent affection of his giant quadruped.