Diane Kruger talks about the harassment scandal in Hollywood

Diane Kruger tells her about the Hollywood harassment scandal: “We are witnessing a change”. The actress has anticipated some details about her experience on the set of “Overnight”, in theaters from March 1.

The voice of Diane Kruger , a successful performer as “Inglourious Basterds”, is added to that of many Hollywood movies actresses, who in recent months have decided to denounce one of the most subtle mechanisms in the film industry.

The actress was certainly not intimidated, but expressed her opinion in an interview with Hollywood Reporter with no hair on the language: “We are witnessing a change”. Furthermore, Kruger has declared herself very pleased to see how many of the men accused were immediately cut off from any project. In this way, says the actress, there is no danger that they will do it again.

The experience on the set of “Overnight”

During the interview, Diane Kruger also talked a lot about her latest film “Oltre la notte” , which will be released in Italian theaters on March 1st. The actress described the film as a long journey of a woman in finding a way to move forward. Although the trailer suggests the opposite, it is not just a film about revenge.

Diane Kruger’s interpretation was very much appreciated in Cannes, where she won the Best Actress award and where her first test was admired in her native language, German. This exceptional event had occurred only twice: for the interpretation of Sophia Loren in Italian in “La Ciociara” (1960) and for that of Marion Cotillard in French in “La Vie en Rose” (2007).

“Overnight” tells the story of a woman who seeks truth and justice after the death of her husband and son in a terrorist attack. In this regard, Kruger claimed to have spent a lot of time with the families of the victims of the attacks and to be very impressed by their strength


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