Christmas 2017: Movies To Watch In Cinema

If during these holidays you want to relax by going to the cinema but do not know what to see, we recommend here a series of films not to be missed in the hall this Christmas.

christmas movies 2017

Among highly anticipated blockbusters and classic Christmas comedies movies, this year at Christmas the choice of what to see at the cinema, to take a break from relatives, or maybe to celebrate with them, is very varied.

Among the films suitable for the whole family we start by quoting ” Ferdinand “, the new animated film of Blue Sky Studios , the same that brought us “The Ice Age” and “Rio”, this time dealing with the adventures of a tender bull who loves flowers and hates bullfighting, looking for a place in the world. Another animated film, this time more Christmas-themed, is ” The heroes of Christmas “, a film that tries to tell the children the story of the birth of Jesus through the original point of view of the animals of the nativity scene, starting from donkey, up to the camels of the Three Kings.

To end up in beauty in the field of animation, we can not fail to mention the release of ” Coco “, the new Pixar movie, an incredible journey of fantasy within Mexican mythology and folklore.

If you do not like animation, but still love a film about the good feelings that warm your heart during the holidays, the offer is not lacking: for example ” Wonder “, the story of a boy who, insecure and harassed by his peers for a physical anomaly, he will have to face the difficult psychological impact with a new life and a new school. ” Dickens – The man who invented Christmas ” instead is the edifying story of how the famous writer Charles Dickens conceived and wrote his famous ” Christmas Song “, one of the most important literary works of all time concerning this holiday.

As usual, however, the richer choice we find in the field of comedies, Italian and otherwise. Obviously in the category to be the masters there are cinepanettoni , which this year come out in triple format: in addition to the classic comedy by Neri Parenti starring Massimo Boldi , ” Natale da Chef “, we also have the ” Poveri ma ricchissimi ” with Christian De Sica , sequel to the “Poor but rich” who made record collections last year Christmas, and of course the discussed ” Super Christmas Holiday ” the film directed by Paolo Ruffini made up of the best clips of the cinepanettoni come earlier,unprecedented operation for Italian cinema that clearly exemplifies how important it is and has played this kind of comedy for Italian cinema in the last 35 years.

For fans of the great show overseas this year a title certainly can not escape, that is obviously  Star Wars The Last Jedi movie download by Rian Johnson, eighth chapter of the canonical series of Star Wars (ninth in total if you count also the last year’s spin-off “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”), a film that has already ignited the passion of the fans of the saga around the world because of the return of the iconic Luke Skywalker , and which reconfirms the will of Disney of wanting to create a sort of fixed date for Christmas with the films dedicated to the Star Wars.

For those who instead appreciate the most committed cinema, the film offer has some of its sleeve aces, starting from ” The Wheel of Wonders “, the latest film by Woody Allen , who moves away with this film from his classic comedies for telling a dramatic story of romance and disillusion set in the New York of the 1950s. For those who want the author’s comedy two are the titles to watch, ” Two under the burqa “, lively French comedy that jokes with intelligence on the issues of immigration of racial integration, and ” The award”, The third film for the cinema by Alessandro Gassmann, a fun road movie with existential themes, which includes in its cast, besides Gassmann himself, also Rocco Papaleo and an evergreen Gigi Proietti .

What are you waiting for? If you want to enjoy your Christmas time at the cinema, you are spoiled for choice.


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