Venice Film Festival 2017 – Size Does Matter

In this edition of the Venetian festival, the coveted inaugural film distinction, the same as in previous years went to Gravity , Birdman or La la Land , has fallen to Downsizing of the American Alexander Payne . The director of Entre copas y los descendientes debuts in the Venetian competition with this social sci-fi satire starring Matt Damon , Kristen Wiig , Christoph Waltz and Hong Chau . You can buy it from amazon for home watch.

Downsizing as told by gfycat manizunis it recounts the adventure of Paul Safranek played by Matt Damon , a middle American who escaped the American dream and whose struggle focuses on reaching hard to make ends meet and believes he can find the solution to his problems in a revolutionary experiment : Norwegian scientists have found the key to reducing humans to a tenth of their size as a way to solve overpopulation, climate change and the depletion of resources in the world. The smaller the size, the less need for resources. And in the case of the Safranek, ecological interests apart, above all comes the end of their economic problems, because with miniaturization, their scarce money spreads more. He was also approached to play cameo in jigsaw horror movie aka saw part 8.

Starting from this original premise, Payne builds a social satire of brilliant start and a first hour of film more than remarkable. It presents the motivations of the characters, the introduction of this new minimundo, the criticism of the American way of life and the debate between ecology and old economy in an agile and suggestive way. But as this latest hollywood movie progresses, it continues to open fronts and new themes, which causes that in its second half it ends up diluting and remaining on the surface of its approaches. Human greed looms (represented in the character of Christoph Waltz, again in the role of a sympathetic rogue, now almost a caricature of his archetypal character), class differences, the Americanization of traditional life models, the dichotomy between the general good and the help of the closest environment and even a romantic plot; but it is missed that there is no greater deepening in the approaches. Everything is exposed, everything is pointed, almost everything is underlined, but it is not taken further and its criticism softens, becomes obvious and Downsizing loses its grip.

The Deserted , by Tsai Ming-Liang

The Taiwanese Tsai Ming-Liang presents in this edition of the Mostra The Deserted , his first production in which he uses virtual reality pictures and competes in a specific contest for productions that use this type of technology debuting in this edition.

The Deserted , by Tsai Ming-Liang

Despite the new resources that virtual reality puts in their hands, The Deserted is clearly recognizable as a Tsai Ming-Liang movie . The director takes the possibilities of the new technology and uses them to add an additional level to his cinema. It is the story of a loner, of a patient who seeks to recover in an abandoned building invaded by the humidity and nature that surrounds him, in the company of ghosts with whom he is unable to communicate. The Deserted , like many other films by Tsai Ming-liangIt is, above all, one more film to be felt, than to be told. And thanks to virtual reality the viewer is introduced in the middle of its devastating and oppressive atmosphere. The viewer is virtually locked in with the protagonists in that abandoned building. But at the same time he will be free to look wherever he wants. To look for the most convenient frame in each moment. And Tsai Ming-liang will already be in charge of trying to direct it with a skillful use of sound and movements within the plane. What is certain is that The Deserted is a Tsai Ming-liang film from which each viewer will see a different version.

Nico, 1988 , by Susanna Nicchiarelli

The film commissioned to inaugurate the Orizzonti section has been Nico 1988 by the Italian director Susanna Nicchiarelli . The Nico of the film is Christa Päffgen , the muse of Warhol , the singer of the Velvet Underground , who after the years of splendor, tried to build a solo career. Nico, 1988 is the story of his last tours, the relationships between the members of his band and his struggle to recover the relationship with his son.

Nico, 198 8 presents the decadence of its protagonist, a singer trying to rebuild a new professional life based on tours by garitos of bad death and interviews with journalists more interested in his glorious past and a new personal life, trying to recover his son.

If the approach is not too original, neither is the result, despite some well-resolved moments in the visual aspect. The situations that Nicchiarelli poses in the film could be interchangeable with those of any other artist during low hours. His subplots, especially those that show the relationship between the members of the band, we have seen dozens of times and contribute little to the core of the film. And neither is his cast, starting with his protagonist, the Danish Trine Dyrholm , who in addition to playing the character, sings his songs, but fails to convey the weight of past life and the crisis situation of the singer.


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