Alexander Payne’s New Sci Fi Movie Downsizing Featuring Matt Damon

Downsizing follows the evolution of the affairs surrounding Paul Safranek ( Matt Damon ), an ordinary Omaha man who, together with his wife, Audrey ( Kristen Wiig ), is looking for a way out of everyday problems. The world crisis is without brake and a team of Norwegian scientists decides to develop a solution that will allow humans to shrink to a few inches in height. People soon find that their savings are worth more in a smaller world, and with the promise of a luxurious lifestyle beyond their expectations, Paul and Audrey decide to take the risk of undergoing this controversial practice by taking a decision irreversible that will change the course of their lives.

Downsizing 2017

On the thread of events related to ordinary individuals who are overthrown by the unprecedented extraordinary, Alexander Payne does not deny the usual formula in his film making a film that is built and deconstructs as a matrioska with its own fragility. Downsizing movie download or more hd full movies download from hd motion movies to watch at home with family and friends.

In the dystopia of a planet that has exhausted its resources, man seems to be the prime target of his own misguided policies and the demographic rise, the cause and diffusion of poverty, a close relationship between the population and the resources available. Here is the look at Malthusian theory that, between preventive brakes (birth control) and repressive brakes (wars, famines, natural catastrophes) goes beyond demographic and sociological analysis to make it into a much mined field as the moral one, remaining wide from a more complex reflection on image, time and technology.

If references to science fiction and fantasy are strong (certainly Jack Arnold’s cinematic 50s movie between aliens and different beings) are just as much to the fairytale world of Stevenson where the adventurous dimension of “I Viaggi di Gulliver “As well as those of the dystopian and paradoxically realistic universe created by the mind of Rod Sterling with” Twilight Zone “. “Downsizing” is the container of all these stimuli in the same way as “Elysium, the film directed by Neill Blomkamp, ​​making political appearance an apparent critical statement: from the parody of Obama Care to that of recent Republican politics, Payne chooses a way too obvious and insightful. You can download Downsizing full movie online after its release in cinemas to watch at home on various formats like TS,HDRip or Bluray.

If the disarming irony of certain gags works for the disruption of the gestures and faces of Christoph Waltz and Udo Kier, it seems that this is the only traction element valid in the film, away from the bodies and the game, wrapping it all up ‘a moral apologist for an anticipated artificial prospect, both in the set-up and in the intent, leaving little room for replication to the observer and without being criticized comes first of all lived. A “factory defect” that could be the same as certain films built, in the true sense of the term, on the same premises, from “Gattaca” to “Truman Show”, where the dystopia case already contains all the elements of a well-defined social critique and no surprises. In Payne’s film in particular, the choices of a paradigm, from the story of training to travel on the road, exert too much pressure on everything else, without translating them into experience.


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