Wonderstruck Will Take You On Magical Journey This Winter

Two years after Carol, Todd Haynes returns to official competition under the banner of Amazon Studios with Wonderstruck, or The Museum of Wonders, adaptation of Brian Selznick’s novel (Hugo Cabret). The final result manages to harmoniously cross the respective universes of the creators, in concomitance with other contemporary filmmakers.

Ben ( Oakes Fegley seen in Peter and Eliott the dragon ), a little boy with a passion for astronomy who lost his mother Elaine ( Michelle Williams ), leaves to find his father in New York with only one index on the cabinet of curiosities ( Wonderstruck in English). A journey that promises to be difficult for Ben become deaf after being struck by lightning. The young protagonist’s journey resonates with that of Rose ( Millicent Simmonds ), a young deaf woman living in 1927 whose mother ( Julianne Moore ) is a silent film star. As stated earlier Todd Haynes’s new film is an adaptation of a novel by the author ofHugo Cabret . Watch at home in dolby digital rip via Wonderstruck free movie download from online websites after its release in the cinema near you.

A fact which is strongly felt in the result summing up the themes dear to Selznick. The childhood, the loss of a loved one, the importance of the socio-historical context, the overlap between two eras, homage to original cinema and forgotten artists. All these elements are found in The Museum of the Wonders and which could make fear a pale copy of the film of Martin Scorsese, especially since certain scenes are answered between the two films. Like this encounter between the main protagonist and Jamie ( Jaden Michael ) identical to a key scene of Scorsese’s feature. However, Haynestakes another direction, more intimate, more centered on the psyche of its young protagonists, where Scorsese’s work was above all the rehabilitation of an accursed artist. The main strength of the Musée des merveilles , in addition to its brilliant interpreters, lies in artistic eclecticism (cinematographic, musical, photographic …) in the service of a sensitive approach to production and editing in accordance with the emotions of the characters.


Not content with paying tribute to a whole section of silent film, the filmmaker takes the opportunity to experience the debased, shadows and perspectives to transcribe Rose’s fascination with the Big Apple, his wonder and his fear. A similar treatment found in the 70s where the ticks of staging typical of the time, zooms and warm colors, remain in the background to leave room for a cut similar to the mute scenes. Short focal length and sound design depicting Ben’s loneliness. This visual and sound approach allows the protagonists to be united emotionally. This concern for temporal correspondence is articulated by the scenographic arrangement of the places. If the approach is not as radical as on Cloud Atlas, it remains worked with great care. All these elements, to which we must add the themes dear to the filmmaker: melodrama, quest for identity, fetishism of models and dolls, rock universe … bring the Museum of Wonders closer to works seemingly stylistically distant. HD Motion Movies is one of the best free movies website online, where you can get latest movies in 720p or 1080p proper bluray rips.

If the final result suffers somewhat from its narrative didactism, the final demonstrates the filmmaker’s ability to move from simple models. All this was borne out by an impressive reconstruction of New York in the 1920s and 1970s, which harmoniously combines Mark Friedberg’s sets with the digital effects of Framestore, aided by the beautiful photograph of Edward Lachman whose subtle approach to light allows the Museum of Wonders to move away from the aesthetic conventions in effect at the present time.

In the children’s chronicle, The Museum of Wonders is a great achievement that proves the versatile talent of its filmmaker, first and foremost a craftsman concerned with work well done in the service of the emotion aroused by his history and whose experiments are never free.


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